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Zinc -The Heart of France in Scottsdale

Happy I get to finally share with you guys the best French Restaurant in Phoenix, in my humble opinion. It is the amazing and scrumptious Zinc Bistro located at Kierland Commons. This is definitely one of my top 5 favorite restaurants of all time. I love french cuisine, and Zinc always has specials of the day, which means they are continually trying new techniques. Whenever I am at the Kierland I walk by Zinc to see the special of the day, and a lot of their specials are various types of fish. I nearly always get the special because you can never go wrong with one of their specials. They are amazing. Everything on their menu is spot on perfection, especially their fish specials like the one I had tonight. It melted in my mouth. The fish was buttery with a crunchy skin and perfect textures. The fish was on top of some amazing flavorful potatoes with sweet carrots. More details about the fish special I had are on the daily special board below.

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I went to Zinc again this weekend. I am kind of obsessed! I got the fish special again which was Dorado on forbidden rice and mushrooms with a broth that had an amazing earthy feel. On the side I had some of the zinc potatoes. They are creamy and full of flavor. My Dad actually has a recipe for potatoes like the Zinc potatoes. My Dad’s potatoes have a slight edge on the Zinc potatoes because of a secret ingredient. I might even post the recipe soon;) Some other great entrees to order are the filet and salmon, but whatever you order will be amazing. They have an oyster bar at Zinc, which has a great fresh election of oysters. I suggest going at dinner time because they have more options at dinner than at lunch.







Their desserts are amazing. I always have the creme brûlée. It’s the best creme brûlée you will ever have in your life; so creamy! Zincs creme brûlée is in my top 5 favorite dessert!


The staff at Zinc are incredibly friendly. They always recognize us and remember our usual seat. The host Dylan is particularly nice. He even once gave us a free creme brûlée! If you want to have a fancy night out at an amazing, unique french restaurant with a great atmosphere definitely try Zinc!

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