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The Quaint and Unique La Grande Orange

I love La Grande Orange (LGO). I have been going to LGO since I was born. It has such a homey feeling to me. All of the pastries and sweets you get from LGO are going to be homemade, from their buttery and flakey croissants to their creamy gelato. I mainly go to LGO for breakfast because their breakfast is amazing, and there are so few good breakfast places in the Valley. LGO has French pancakes (aka crepes), a delicious breakfast sandwich on the best english muffins ever, and great fresh egg concoctions. I have been to lunch only a few times, where they serve great sandwiches. They serve their amazing pizza for lunch and dinner, but I always get pizza for dinner. Let me just say their pizza is the best pizza I have ever had. The crust is sourdough, but it is not an overpowering sourdough. It is just right. We usually get the cheese pizza, or the roasted corn pizza. Both are great!

This morning we went to LGO for brunch, and it was delicious. My LGO breakfast go-to is the Sophie’s Chicken Hash. I make several adjustments to it! First I get rid of olives and lebani sauce, then add avocado and order the egg over-hard. This is a great healthy, hearty, and filling dish. I suggest you split this dish because its really big. The Sophie’s Chicken Hash consists of romanesco, peppers, bacon, over easy egg, and sun-dried tomatoes.

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I also get the strawberry banna smoothie. It is so creamy and sweet!


My brother got his classic plain crossiant. This crossiant is straight from Paris! We had the privelage last summer to go to France, and we could not find a crossiant that was better than LGO’s. All of their pastries are amazing. I usually get the coffee cake, but they did not have it when I went ;(. You can not go wrong when choosing a pastry. They have the best brownie I have ever had, and it is even better when you pair it with their vanilla gelato. Yum, my mouth is drooling as I write this! I could go on and on about all of the sweet and savory treats at LGO!


The atmosphere is very unique at LGO because they have a little grocery type store where you can find unique knick knacks. LGO is not a formal restaurant. Instead, you order at the counter, and you pick up your food when your name is called. When it is busy it can get a little clastrophobic. The service can sometimes be slow since they are busy. I have had many orders messed up because of the busy crowd, especially when I ask for a pastry to be warmed.

If you have not gone to LGO you have not fully lived!

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