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The Most Consistent Restaurant- The Hillstone Group

The Hillstone Group has restaurants all over the country and every single one is amazing, and consistently cooked to perfection! Anything you get there is amazing. They have may varieties of food that everyone will love. One disappointment, however, is that they got rid of kid menu options. It is a struggle trying to convince my younger brother to come to dinner at Hillstone since there are no chicken fingers or grilled cheese. Besides that, I have nothing to complain about regarding the quality of their food. The Hillstone group restaurants tend to be somewhat fancy. I went to dinner at Houstons, which is part of the Hillstone group, and it is practically the exact same restaurant as Hillstone. So I shared the USDA prime center-cut filet with my dad, and had a double side of their peanut kale salad. The steak was so juicy and tender I never wanted it to end. It was definitely the best steak I have ever had! Then, to end the night on a high note, I had their hot fudge sundae. This is the king of all sundaes, consisting of homemade vanilla ice cream, homemade whip cream, candied walnuts, and to top it all off extra hot fudge that is imported from Switzerland. That’s all I have to say about that dessert. Other great foods from Houstons is their amazing burger with fries, ribs, salmon, smoked salmon appetizer, apple walnut cobbler (only available in winter) and their key lime pie (only available in fall and spring).

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