My Mom has been dying to take me to Crudo ever since she tried it about a week and a half ago! She was going on and on about Crudo and how it will be some of the best food you have ever had. She was completely correct! Crudo is a hidden gem thats two minutes away from my house thats dangerous haha!

The concept of Crudo is that you can pick three items off the menu for $35, four items off the menu for $45, five items off the menu for $55, or you can just select however many items off the menu for the listed price. Three items for one person is a plenty amount of food. I was beyond stuffed by the end of the night. Next time if I just go with one other person I would share the three courses, but I wanted to try everything on the menu last night!

I noticed on the Antipasti side of the menu it listed Pig Ears. I was very curious and asked the waiter what she thought of them. The waitress said you gotta try them and you haven’t truly lived till you try these Pig Ears! We ordered them. They were really great very crispy with a sweet like thai sauce. I have lived!


Our first course of three was from the Raw part of the Menu. I got the Yellowtail (Controne, Bottarga, Chive). This was delicious and had a great sauce along with it.


My Mom got the Farmer (Local Veggie, House Made Vinaigrette). This was a very fresh salad with no Raw seafood, which my Mom really enjoyed.


My Aunt got the Octopus (Glacier Lettuce, Pickled Spring Garlic), which I was very tempted to get. It was so delicious with a great texture! Next time I come I am definitely going to start with the Octopus.


Our next course we got was the Cheese course. My Mom and I got the Ricotta (Walnut Sauce, Honey). It was a savory and sweet dish, which are my favorite types of dishes!


My Aunt order really well again. She got the Burrata (Pancetta Vinaigrette, Arugula), which I was also tempted to get! It was truly amazing I preferred the Burrata over the Ricotta, but the Ricotta was still really good. The Burrata had the savory and sweet theme too.


For our third course, which was our main I enjoyed the Semolina Gnocchi (Lamb Neck,Truffle, Cacio e Pepe, Fig). This dish was so interesting with all of the flavors compacted into this dish was insane. It is such a unique dish that I will definitely get again!


My Mom got the Brisket (Fingerlings, Raddichio, Collatura). This was by far the best dish out of all the dishes we had last night. I can’t begin to describe how tender and juicy the Brisket was. Simply just order this deliciously amazing dish.


My Aunt got the Gargati ( Mussels, Uni, Basil, Mint, Tomato),which is a seafood pasta dish. The seafood and pasta was so fresh. If you are a big seafood eater I definitely suggest you order the Gargati.


Even though we were insanely stuffed we got the Fruit Crostada( Pears, Peaches, White Chocolate Sauce) because my Mom said it was amazing when she had it. The crust on the Crostada was definitely homemade you could tell. It was delectable and fresh with all the seasonal fruit.


Wow Crudo! You were absolutely amazing you expanded my taste buds even more. I can not wait to go back to Crudo to try all the other items on the menu. Along with the amazing food the ambiance and staff were exceptional! The waitress even remembered the drink my Mom got from a week and a half ago. Impressive!

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Bon Appétit,