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The Greene House’s Yummy Appetizers!

This is my first review of a Fox Restaurant! I love all of the Fox Restaurants; they are all unique in their own way. The Greene House is a lesser known Fox Restaurant, but it has some great healthy California cuisine.

I meet my Grandma about twice a month for appetizers, usually at Postinos. Today we decided to change up our normal routine and try The Greene Houses appetizers since Monday-Thursday from 3-6 it is 20% off their WHOLE menu! What a deal!

We shared three appetizers that were all amazing. I could not decide which was my favorite. The appetizer below is called the Smoked Salmon. The appetizer is a potato galette, which is like crispy hash browns. Then the appetizer is topped with creme fresh, smoked salmon, and truffle arugula. It had a surprisingly great combination of different textures that worked perfectly together.

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The next appetizer we got was the Sesame Chicken Potstickers. If you love potstickers you will really enjoy these as they are very flavorful and have a kick to them. The potstickers are paired with scallions, radishes, and young ginger broth.2016-10-03-05-00-45

The last appetizer we shared was the Yellowtail Sashimi. This is my favorite Sashimi because there is so much flavor when they pair the yellowtail with delicately sliced avocado, jalapeno, cilantro,and yuzu ponzu. My grandma had never eaten raw fish before, and I insisted that she try some because it doesn’t hurt to try, and you may even find something new that you will enjoy. She tried raw fish for the first time, and she enjoyed it! If the thought of raw fish makes you squeamish, you should give The Greene Houses yellowtail sashimi a try because it is fresh, delicate, and well prepared.


Two criticisms I give Green House is they need to allow dogs on the porch, and the happy hour shouldn’t be secluded to only the bar area. I am now starting a rating system on my blog with food, ambiance, and service rated on a one to five star rating system

The Greene House Rating

Food: unknownunknownunknownunknownunknown-1


Service: unknownunknownunknownunknownunknown

Bon Appétit,


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