The Grand Blue

The Grand Blue has finally opened! I am so excited that there is finally a great, affordable and fresh seafood restaurant in Scottsdale! The Grand Blue is owned by the same owners of Pita Jungle. The Grand Blue is across from Pita Jungle in the spot that Taco Haus and Squid Ink were previously located. That spot seems cursed. I hope the curse doesn’t doom The Grand Blue because it is quite good.

If you’re a raw or cooked seafood lover you will enjoy the fresh selections at The Grand Blue. The atmosphere is really unique, and has ocean vibe. Our server suggested that we should try one of their Poke Bowls, which you customize. I had never tried a Poke Bowl so I took my own advice and went for it! I am definitely glad I did because the Poke Bowl was deliciously fresh! You get to choose two proteins, rice base, five additional toppings, and a sauce. We got the yellowtail & salmon with basmati rice, topped with mango, ginger, green onion, cilantro, and capers with the house sauce. Delicious! I could not stop diving in to the bowl to get more. I suggest you start with the Poke Bowl, and share this between two or three people because the bowl is big.


The menu is very customizable. For dinner we made a custom fish order. You select a fish, how you want it prepared, sauce, and two sides. We order the delicious grilled Branzino with white wine butter sauce paired with lentils and asparagus cassoulet. The Branzino was cooked to perfection; it melted in my mouth! Okay, so I am being honest, the picture makes the fish look dull and flavorless, but that could not be farther from the truth!


Overall I will be running back to The Grand Blue and will try the Lobster Roll because it looked delicious!

Rating on The Grand Blue:

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Service: unknownunknownunknownunknown-1

Bon Appétit,