The Shake Shack at Kierland Commons has finally opened! Also, guess what? As you can probably tell, my photos have an immensely better quality because I finally got a real deal camera! I am so excited because now you guys get to see pictures of food in great quality, which makes a huge difference because as they say “a picture’s worth a thousand words.”img_0002Today I got to see what all the hype is about for Shake Shack! I have to admit these burgers are really good. They have a melt in your mouth affect, but the burger is definitely not a gourmet burger. The burger is in-between an In-N-Out burger, and a Hillstone’s burger. The fries are surprisingly pretty good. I would not expect them to be good because of their shape, which is like frozen kiddy fries. I also had a strawberry shake that was amazing. It is so creamy and rich. The best strawberry milkshake I have ever had. I am not a strawberry shake girl; I am more of a chocolate shake girl. They have so many flavors of milkshakes and custards. They even have chocolate strawberry shake, which I tried and it is a great combination! What’s your favorite flavor shake?
img_0004img_0005The Shake Shack Staff are also so helpful and kind. It definitely shows that they care about your experience at Shake Shack.  If you want to get a quick bite for lunch or dinner and you are in a burger mood, I would definitely go for a Shake Shack burger. So if you are wanting an upgrade from the classic In-N-Out check out Shake Shack.

Bon Appétit,