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Malee’s Thai Bistro in Old Town Scottsdale

Great Thai is amazing. It has such unique flavors. I have been eating Thai food since I was seven years old. When I travel to Telluride, Colorado we go to this amazing Thai restaurant (Siam) practically every night. The restaurant is amazing best Thai I have ever had. I also get a lot of Thai when I am in New York City. To say the least, I love great authentic Thai.

I have heard good things about Malee’s Thai Bistro in Old Town Scottsdale. My brother was really craving Thai so we decided to try out Malee’s. It was somewhat of a disappointment. I was really expecting some great authentic Thai, but was sadly disappointed.

We started with the appetizer taste of Thai, which has two of each of spring rolls, satay, Thai toast, crab rangoon, siamese kisses, and pot stickers. I thought it was a great idea to have this platter of six different Thai appetizers. I was able to try new Thai food that I have never tried before! The egg rolls were really great. One of the best I have had. However, the satay was lacking a lot of flavor. Everything else on the platter was just okay not amazing. If I go to Malee’s again I would just start with the egg rolls.


For our main course my Mom and I shared Malee’s Favorite Stir Fry. It was very bland, lacking flavor. We asked for salt and soy sauce, which made it a little more flavorful. Overall I would not get it again. My brother got the Chicken Pad Thai, which was pretty good. The Pad Thai had a different flavor than I am use to. It was definitely unique, but not the best Pad Thai

img_0174    img_0179

My brother was still hungry and wanted more of the yummy egg rolls. Here is another picture of the great eggrolls!


My Dad had previously gone to Malee’s and got the Tom Ka Gai. He says it is the best soup he has ever had. I definitely wish I ordered the soup. Overall I would not come running back to Malee’s.

The staff is very friendly and the service was fast. The atmosphere was nice for a Thai restaurant.




Bon Appétit,


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