Clayton’s Coffee Shop

Another great day in Coronado! Started the morning with a beautiful walk on the beach! On our way back from our walk we saw Clayton’s Coffee shop. It is such a cute little old style diner. They serve breakfast so decided to try it!


They sat us down in the back corner, and there was about four flies all around us. The reason they had flies is because they had many windows open. Also, they had  no fans in the back. TIP: if you want to eat inside sit near a fan or near the front of the restaurant. We asked to be moved more towards the front because the flies were bothering us. By moving to the front the fly problem pretty much went away. Although the flies were annoying, the food was great!

I enjoyed an amazing acai bowl, which had strawberry, banana, granola, and coconut on top. One of the best acai bowls I have ever had! Very tropical. Then my Dad had the Breakfast Burrito, which was full of fresh ingredients. If you love breakfast burritos, definitely get this yummy burrito.

img_0282      img_0280

TIP: if you hate flies go to the right of Clayton’s Coffee Shop where you will find a take out stand for Clayton’s. They have most of the menu items from the main restaurant for to-go.

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Rating for Clayton’s Coffee Shop:

Food: unknownunknownunknownunknown


Service: unknownunknownunknown

Hotel Del Coronado – Sun Deck

After a few hours at the beach, we walked up to the restaurant at the hotel with no shoes, ahah! I was really surprised how good Sun Deck was. The food was amazingly fresh, and we had the perfect view of the ocean. We started with the seafood ceviche, which was okay but had too much seafood in it. The ceviche needed more avocado and salsa. We also had their guacamole, which is really great with their house made tortilla chips!

For our main course we had the Taco Trio, which was so fresh and creative. I thought these tacos were better than Oscar’s Mexican Tacos! The reason these tacos were better was because they had a lot more flavor and were a lot more fresh. The corn tortillas were so soft too! If you are staying at he Del, I definitely suggest that you go to Sun Deck for lunch.

img_0320     img_0318

Rating for Sun Deck:

Food: unknownunknownunknownunknown


Service: unknownunknownunknownunknownunknown


Before dinner appetizers consisted of some fresh oysters from Brigantine.


Chez Loma

For dinner I have a story for you. We were going to go to Chez Loma, with a reservation was at 6:00. When we made the reservation in person, the hostess informed us that there was a pre fixe menu from 4-6. We asked her if we were eligible for the pre fixe menu since our reservation was at the end of the time period. She said of course. We arrived at 6:00 exactly and sat down. We noticed we did not have the pre fixe menu so we asked if we could have the pre fixe menu. The waiter said it is no longer available since it is 6:05. We told him the hostess told us we could order the prix fixe. He went back to ask the chef. The chef said we can not have the pre fixe menu. The pre fixe menu had everything on it that is on the regular menu,. It was not like they were out of the pre fixe menu items; the chef just did not want to give us a better deal. The waiter was very rude to us so we just left because we were so annoyed. The waiter did not even try bring us back. Chez Loma is off the list for good! I suggest no one goes they because of their unfair management who does not honor their commitments.

Instead, we went back to the amazing Lobster West, followed by dessert at Moo Time Creamery. We ended the night on a much better note!

Hope you are all having a delicious Fall Break!

Bon Appétit,