It is Fall Break, yay!! That means some traveling! I am in Coronado, California right now, and the weather is beautiful! On our way to Coronado we stopped at Oscar’s Mexican Seafood in San Diego, which I have previously gone to! The tacos are great, classic and fresh California fish tacos!


We started with the fish & shrimp ceviche! This ceviche is very fresh and citrusy. I really enjoyed it, but my only critique is the tortilla chips were not cut into triangles, it was just one big tortilla. Overall very flavorful and fresh, and definitely would get again!


Then we got five tacos, ahah! We were really hungry after long drive! We got two surf and turf tacos. This taco is a really great combination, very flavorful. Then we got the shrimp taco, which showcases how fresh the shrimp is, and it has spice but not too much spice. We wanted to be daring so we got one octopus taco, which was my favorite because it had such depth in flavor and they disguised that is octopus. Lastly, we got the daily special, mahi taco, which was insanely spicy. I could only take one bite so I did not enjoy the mahi taco. Most importantly, I want to tell you guys about the orange sauce they have that is amazing. Once you put it on the taco, it transforms the taco!

img_0242      img_0244

Rating on Oscars Mexican Seafood:

Food: unknownunknownunknownunknown-1


Service: unknownunknownunknownunknown-1

For dinner we enjoyed some buttery Lobster Rolls from Lobster West. Lobster West is a five minute walk from the Hotel Del. Very convenient! I have had many Lobster rolls in my life. They are my kryptonite. The Lobsters from Lobster West are pretty up there on my favorite Lobster roll list. The amount of lobster and bread was perfect. I loved how they had the Connecticut style roll, which is a warm roll and lobster! Definitely will go there again on my trip!

img_0265              img_0270

Rating on Lobster West:

Food: unknownunknownunknownunknownunknown-1


Service: unknownunknownunknownunknown

To end the night on a sweet note, we enjoyed some ice cream at the famous  Moo Time Creamery!! This homemade ice cream is so delicious and creamy! I enjoyed half peach and half strawberry. I suggest you guys get the combo of strawberry and Belgian chocolate – it’s to die for!


Food: unknownunknownunknownunknownunknown-1


Service: unknownunknownunknownunknown

There will be more posts about Coronado restaurants soon to come!


Bon Appétit,