I was really excited to finally try Beckett’s Table, but I was sadly let down by some of the food. My Mom and I went to Beckett’s Table to celebrate her birthday on Saturday. My Mom had gone to Beckett’s table about a year ago, and really enjoyed it but did not go back because it was far from our house. Now we live one minute away from Beckett’s Table so we thought it would be a great  place to go to celebrate. I researched Beckett’s Table to find out what were the most popular and enjoyable dishes.

A very popular appetizer is their mac and cheese with crispy pancetta on top. I was really excited to try the mac and cheese because I am a big fan of gourmet mac and cheese. Sadly I did not enjoy the mac and cheese because they included dijon mustard within the cheese sauce, which makes an unpleasant after taste. I also did not like the type of pasta they used because it was too chewy and did not melt in your mouth like most mac and cheese.


On a positive side the short ribs were really great. They were pull apart and perfectly tender. They had a sauce that complemented the short ribs perfectly. The short rib was perched on top of mashed potatoes that could have had more flavor by adding more butter. Alongside the short rib and mash potatoes were some sautéed vegetable that could have been seasoned better. Overall a good dish that I would order again if I go back.


My mom loves spaetzle so we got a side order of their spaetzle that had spicy chorizo and corn. My Mom and I did not enjoy the spaetzle because we felt the chorizo’s spice took over the dish. Also, the spaetzle by its self was not flavorful at all, and it needed lots of salt.


Of course we got dessert because what’s a meal without dessert? We tried their award winning pecan & fig pie with cream cheese ice cream. I thought it was delicious. I used to not be a pecan pie lover because I was close minded to it since it was not the classic apple or pumpkin pie. Recently I tried some pecan pie, instantly loved it and questioned everything I used to believe in.  If you’re a fan of pecan pie then I would definitely give this pie a try.


We also had peach cobbler for dessert because it really appealed to me since I love peaches! Sadly this dessert really disappointed because the streusel on top was really good but there was barely any streusel so there was too much peach. I would not get the peach cobbler, but would get the pecan & fig pie!


The service was ridiculously slow, which was especially annoying since I was so hungry. However the ambiance was really nice. It has a cool and unique vibe. Overall I would not come running back to Beckett’s Table.

Beckett’s Table Rating




Bon Appétit,