I will eventually reveal my true identity, but for now I will remain anonymous. Now let me tell you about myself without revealing my name. I am a 15 year old girl living in Phoenix, Arizona, and I have a passion for all things food. I love to try new cuisines and expand my palette. My purpose for this blog is for people to try new foods because of my restaurant recommendations. I want people to learn to not be so closed minded to new foods, because food has changed my life by just saying “yes” to new things. When I try food I go into a new world, and all my worries, stress, and anxiety go away in just one bite.

The last two years is when I really started to become a true foodie by never saying “no” to new foods, which has expanded my palette and my world. I eat foods that normal teenagers would not even touch like raw oysters. Whenever I go to a restaurant I take endless pictures of the food I try, and I always look back at the photos and reminisce about all the yummy food. I think about food constantly; it is an obsession. One day a close family friend of mine suggested why don’t I make a food blog since food is my passion. I instantly thought “hey why not?” So here I am!

When I am older I want to be a chef for a couple years so that I can get behind the scenes experience of the making of culinary masterpieces. I also want professional cooking experience so that I can have credibility when I critique food, and eventually become a world renown food critic!

For this blog I will be posting pictures and reviews of restaurants in Phoenix, Arizona, as well as other places I love to travel to such as New York, Boston, California, and Colorado. Whenever I go on vacation, it is always centered around food because I do endless research on great foods in the area! I will give positive and negative reviews of restaurants, telling you guys if you should even go to the restaurant, or if the restaurant has improved. Also, once I get the hang of things on this blog, I want to eventually post some amazing family recipes of mine.

I hope all my fellow foodies enjoy this blog, and try new foods in the process!

Bon Appétit,


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